File Explorer for Gaia data

Is there any place i can browse all the files i have in gaia connected to my user profile? I’m running into particular problems trying to build a dapp where i’d like to delete/modify/view files in my localhost app that’s storing data on the default gaia hub, but the only way i know how to do this is with the blockstack js api inside the chrome console. Is there an easier way to manage my data than this?

I use Mercurius for looking at gaia files.

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And there is

Thanks for the tag @thinkverse – I made Mercurius exactly for this problem, though unfortunately you cannot move/copy/delete things yet – you can only browse and download (I didn’t implement those features because I didn’t want users to be able to mess with the apps’ data files, potentially breaking them). If you want to delete them you’ll have to do it within your app.

If you don’t want to use Mercurius, you can just use the blockstack.js listFiles function and print them out to the console as well.

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