Failed to load profile. After update

Due to your recent update I created a new virtualenv to install and run blockstack. For some reason, my old installation would not update nor really run after the attempts to update.

Now my profile fails to load. My recollection is that I transferred my id from onename to my local machine. How do I make blockstack lookup not look in Amazon for storage?

(blockstack) Guys-MBP:~ guy$ blockstack lookup --debug
Re-exec as `"/Users/guy/blockstack/bin/python", "/Users/guy/blockstack/bin/blockstack", "lookup", ""`
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,385] [DEBUG] [spv:103] (924.140736452588480) Using mainnet
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,619] [DEBUG] [config:881] (924.140736452588480) Override blockstack-client.port from 6264 to 6264
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,622] [DEBUG] [client:94] (924.140736452588480) Connect to
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,625] [DEBUG] [client:109] (924.140736452588480) Loaded storage drivers ['disk', 'blockstack_resolver', 'blockstack_server', 'http', 'dht']
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,865] [DEBUG] [storage:109] (924.140736452588480) Comparing zonefile hashes: expected fd48a268681163daa6aec6f9f69300af7e1db8bd, got fd48a268681163daa6aec6f9f69300af7e1db8bd (True)
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,866] [DEBUG] [zonefile:222] (924.140736452588480) Fetched fd48a268681163daa6aec6f9f69300af7e1db8bd from Atlas peer
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,887] [DEBUG] [storage:827] (924.140736452588480) get_mutable_data bsk_version=None
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,887] [DEBUG] [storage:865] (924.140736452588480) blockstack_resolver supports URL
[2017-08-05 16:50:48,888] [DEBUG] [storage:871] (924.140736452588480) Try blockstack_resolver (
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,355] [WARNING] [storage:555] (924.140736452588480) Failed to verify with public key hash "3Jmzjz4zPXdC7upASNzLEqAyzpKnagKECJ" ("1J5ypSaYqdJp2k7jKHKjpCp3rJ34yx4qQM")
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,356] [ERROR] [storage:904] (924.140736452588480) Unparseable data from ""
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,356] [DEBUG] [storage:865] (924.140736452588480) http supports URL
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,356] [DEBUG] [storage:871] (924.140736452588480) Try http (
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,794] [WARNING] [storage:555] (924.140736452588480) Failed to verify with public key hash "3Jmzjz4zPXdC7upASNzLEqAyzpKnagKECJ" ("1J5ypSaYqdJp2k7jKHKjpCp3rJ34yx4qQM")
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,794] [ERROR] [storage:904] (924.140736452588480) Unparseable data from ""
[2017-08-05 16:50:49,794] [ERROR] [profile:301] (924.140736452588480) no user profile for
    "error": "Failed to load user profile"

Thank you.

You’ll need to create a new profile, sign it, upload it to a server, and then update your name’s zone file to point to that server. I made some notes on this a while back that might help: Registering a name on the command line

Thank you. I did read your link before my post.

Semantics here are somewhat of a barrier to completely understanding ids vs profiles vs storage in this ‘system’. Your example includes your own domain apparently.

Your answer brings more questions. Why, when it worked before, do I need to set up my profile again? Surely ids and profiles are more permanent than updates? (Of course, I know that ignorance is no excuse for user error.)

Thank you again for your response.