Community feedback needed by 08/13: How can the Governance Working Group better support the Stacks Community?

Grant for Governance Working Group: Quick Summary
As the Stacks Foundation gets ready to roll out its grants program, the Governance Working Group plans to submit a grant proposal outlining our goals and objectives for the months leading up to the launch of the Stacks 2.0 mainnet.

These goals and objectives will be directly sourced from community members and should be reflective of some of the most pressing needs within the Stacks Ecosystem. (By “pressing needs,” we are referring to issues that may be blocking developer progress, e.g. Radiks, major growth opportunities that we could be missing out on, e.g. restarting App Mining, or other challenges.)

Based on community feedback, we will select 2–3 top priorities and lay out a plan for addressing each one in the grant proposal. Should the proposal be accepted by both the community and the Stacks Foundation, the Governance Working Group will use its grant funding to support any work that contributes to the goals laid out in the proposal.

Important Notes

  • The amount of funding requested has not yet been decided but will definitely be well under $5,000.
  • Any funding granted may go toward community bounties or supporting community meetings. Edited: Funding may be used to compensate project leads but not working group members in general.
  • ANY community member can get involved in the work outlined in the proposal. This is not restricted to current working group members. (Current working group members are simply taking the lead on submitting this grant proposal.)
  • Community members can suggest grant conditions, such as only allowing the working group to unlock funds once certain milestones have been achieved.

How to Get Involved

  1. Please share potential working group goals here. Some ideas so far include:
  • Manage and support a community-built decentralized Radiks
  • Start developing a proposal for a new version of App Mining
  • Develop contributing guidelines for Stacks GitHub repos
  1. Attend the next working group meeting on 08/13, during which we will discuss the ideas shared so far. Email [email protected] to be added to the event.

Implement notifications via gaia (see proposal Proposal: Gaia Hub Inboxes


I vote for managing and supporting a community-built decentralized Radiks/ Collections


Create a method of financially rewarding programmer’s contributing to Stacks development:
what do you think about this @jude - rewards for commits?

Something else I just bumped into…
A Ethereum Foundation supported entity with a focus on only developer education/onboarding and organizing hackathons all over the world. I saw some projects are tie-ins between Ethereum and IPFS/Filecoin.


I am not a developer but I have been lucky enough to plug into and and many other educational symposiums to be able to get up to speed. I am getting the best education of my life. I am really having fun helping with adoption and contributing to community governance. I would love to see an Ambassador program. I would love help reform financial literacy.

Very interested in the grants application process and development. I had drafted on previously but have decided to put an application on hold until after I attend the Clarity Universe and get some more developer experience.