Cannot sign-in on Ubuntu 17.10


sorry if this is similar to other topics, but I couldn’t find my answer in neither the linux walkthrough nor with the web-only walkthrough.

I am using Ubuntu 17.10, and could install blockstack and get it to run, and have a browser window opening http://localhost:8888/#coreAPIPassword=off as expected. However trying out the, the Sign-in with Blockstack button returns me to a http://localhost:8888/auth?authRequest=///(long character chain here) which does nothing…

I did try cleaning up the cache, it didn’t work out.
I did try the private window, it kind of works, but then I cannot seem to pair the browser (edit: looks similar to this post and this one) with my account again, so I’m running in circles…

Any help or suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

If it helps, the last command line output is:

ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.
[23593:23633:1110/] Failed to connect to MCS endpoint with error -21
[23593:23593:1110/182852.641438:ERROR:CONSOLE(5274)] "SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0", source: chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/inspector.js (5274)
[24140:24179:1110/] Failed to launch GPU process.
Created new window in existing browser session.


(edit: sorry for the incomplete initial post)

Hey @Olivier, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Can you show me what’s going on in the developer console? There might be a useful stack trace there.

I searched again and found the walkthrough which I didn’t see before (put it next to the download link if it’s not already there). Linux Walkthrough

I followed those directions, removed a stuck file with
sudo rm -rf /tmp/.blockstack_tmp

and then everything worked!


So that authRequest looks wrong, it should either be (as far as I know, but anyway safest) blockstack:(long chain) or just (long chain). In other words, no ///, you should remove those.

How you got them there is another issue. But indeed I think the authRequest needs to have a bit lenient normalizing step to still accept differences.

So you could you try that again with removed ///s?

Hi @odinho,

it looks like removing the /// everything works like a charm! I have to remove it on every single URL whenever I try to log in to something though… I could log in to the todo, the forums, the hello blockstack, the token registration.

I’m not sure if there is a place where to report this url problem ? (or is here the proper place ?)

@jude: I’m happy to help but I am pretty inexperienced with the developer console… is there anything specific to look for ?