Cannot finish assigning storage to blockstack identity using blockstack browser

HI All,
The blockstack browser installations using docker or following the procedure documented behaves differently.
Using the docker browser installation the published launcher differs from the documented one, wrongly shows latest parameters with browser hyphens in order to download containers from It does not work unless you modify the script. Correcting the launcher, it works up to assignment of storage Dropbox and access it correctly. But when trying to login to any of the displayed apps with blockstack login the Allowed button does not do anything.
Using the blockstack installation with git clone and following each instruction, the browser starts working but with a different interfase simulating a Mac console. It asks for the storage choosing Dropbox, opens dropbox, but it does not saves, and keeps prompting the storage. Never finishes the storage assignment and cannot access any apps.

Under Linux Ubuntu 16.0.4 Need support.

@proe What version of blockstack are you running? Also the current launcher script is here:

The latest $TAG we have released is v0.18.0. you can see other tag options here: