Can I register names in tld/namespaces other than .id?


I just registered my name ‘’ and am waiting for the transfer tools to be able to transfer my previous .id names and change this public key account name.

I’m wondering if I’m able to register an application name in the .app namespace/tld - is this possible at the moment or am I misunderstanding things?


PS the new ui for profiles / accounts looks much improved!

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@1HZp4man3vbMzaQAZmY6 Thanks!! I know @guylepage3 loves the feedback. We have currently only opened the .id namespace. We will be opening more namespaces in the future, but currently on that one is active.

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Mike, to be more clear, yes you will be able to register any TLD you’d like, like .fileviewer, or .twitter or .mikesworld for example . You get to pick exactly what you are registering there and we will have no say (as this is a decentralized system). Also one of the results of the Annual Hardfork is that fees will drop to more affordable rates, so you’ll be able to register the TLD of your choice for much cheaper. Info on how to do so coming soon.