Blockstack Sign-in from Android Application

When I try to sign-in to my Blockstack account in my Android application, it doesn’t respond and turn back to the screen that includes the sign-in button with the following warning (Also, the field userData remains null after sign-in):

“I/chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(1961)] “[WARN] Failed decryption of appPrivateKey, will try to use as given”, source: file:///android_res/raw/blockstack.js (1961)”

I’m not sure that the problem is this warning, but I couldn’t find any other problem in my app. How can I solve this warning issue? Also, I don’t have a .id account. Instead, I’m using .id.blockstack account. Is it a problem for sign-in? Thanks in advance.

I finally solved it by adding the following line to the manifest file:
" android:launchMode=“singleTask”;"

Actually, that line exists in the example apps in SDK repo, but doesn’t exist in tutorial. Maybe, this should also be added to the tutorial. @larry

This was added and the change merged. Thanks @altuncu for the fix.

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