Blockstack Berlin Hackathon Winners

We had an amazing hackathon in Berlin this weekend following the sold out Blockstack Berlin event this past week. Almost a dozen teams formed from over 90 participants competed. The top three teams won vouchers for Blockstack “Stacks” tokens. Thanks to everyone that came out and to @clintnelsen for organizing!

The top 3 teams were:

3. Content Block

A content standardization layer on top of Blockstack’s Gaia Storage that makes it easy for apps to read and write content such as photos and notes in the same format.

2. dApp Raffle

dApp Raffle is an Ethereum smart contract that enables a unique form of crowdfunding disguised as a contest. Participants buy tickets to participate and the smart contact randomly picks a winner and the funds are distributed to the provider providing the prize.

1. Blockstagram

A fully decentralized, end-to-end encrypted Instagram alternative built on Blockstack.

More photos


Congratulation to all winners!!

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Fantastic event! Thanks to everyone at blockstack for organising.

I left an a4 purple note book in betahaus. If anyone found it or has contact number for betahaus will be eternally grateful?

@larry If possible can you please share the list of all participants.

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Congrats to everyone! I’d love to connect with the Content Block team as a standardized storage schema is going to be a huge improvement to Graphite. Can someone share any of the Content Block team’s contact info?

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I’d like to get int contact with the Content Block team as well. Is there a github, something?

Hi for content block contact you can email me at [email protected] and I can add you to the slack group we set up!


We just published our “Blockstagram” making of summary article on Medium: containing pictures, people and emotions :slight_smile: Thanks again for having us!


Cool work and thanks for sharing.