About the Governance category

This category is applied to posts specifically related to the development of governance models for the Blockstack ecosystem as well as the formation of the Stacks Foundation.


The governance working group maintains a separate Github organization with several repositories covering the work of this initiative, and the work of this group as a whole.

The Stacksgov Github Organization

Github Repositories as of 2020/05

Click on any of the links below to learn more, and feel free to comment on or create issues to discuss additional topics as needed. This process is designed to be permission-less and inclusive, so feel free to jump in and help!

  • updates: updates regularly to share the latest progress of the governance project with the community
  • resources: a comprehensive page of links, resources, and info on past working group calls
  • pm: project management board related to all areas above, and the location of each week’s call agenda
  • proposals: stores miscellaneous governance proposals, and we are still determining the role of this repository and these proposals relative to the existing SIP process

The group also has a dedicated working group channel (#governance) in Discord. We would love to see you there!

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