3rd party Blockstack App Auth

Hi Folks,

Would apps that use Stealthy for login qualify for App Mining. Think Login with Stealthy, this would still create a Blockstack ID, Auth, & use Stealthy GAIA bucket for storage. This would enable a lot of cool chat integration features that might not necessarily make sense for a standalone app.

For example:

  • App X is a chat integration that provides file sharing or stacks wallet capability in Stealthy
  • App X doesn’t want to create a separate app and spin up the initial user base

As a general principle it’d be great to separate protocol from implementations (or clients). Several clients using the same protocol is an outcome that we’re hoping for. With that said, as long the app is using the Blockstack Auth protocol (regardless of which implementation) it should qualify, in my view.

Would love to hear from others as well.


I am also looking into chat integration with OI Chat (chat.openintents.org). My understanding is that as long as App X is generating its own app private key it is following the Blockstack Auth protocol.

@muneeb How do you deal with duplicate entries that provide similar functionality, but are hosted on different domains? Like the Animal Kingdoms. Some are the same, some add a different tough (animals vs monsters). I understand that these tutorial apps are not eligible but the same questions are valid for OI Chat and potential similar chat clients that just use a different chat gateway (OI Chat connects to a matrix home server that is dedicated to blockstack users)

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Hey @prabhaav can you please elaborate a bit on the goals?

I can imagine some scenarios along these lines that are not necessarily helpful for users. Not saying I’m for or against what you’re doing, saying I don’t understand what outcome you’re after.

We want to enable 3rd party apps to build on top of Stealthy’s communication and mobile infrastructure. It could be full fledged apps or chat integrations. When we tried to do this with Graphite, and other apps – the sticking point was multiple Blockstack logins.

We proposed some solutions around that issue:

However, neither of those discussions have progressed down the engineering pipeline.

If apps would like to use Stealthy for this purpose (Proposal: Chat provider for Inbox/Notifications) and in turn provide the end-user with a WeChat like experience, then a streamlined login or login with stealthy is absolutely necessary.

Finally, since these developers would still be building dApps with Blockstack Auth (via Stealthy), I wanted to confirm that they would still qualify for App Rewards.

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