#05 - Weekly SIP Call - Taproot integration (SIP=Stacks Improvement Proposals)

Dear all Stackers and contributors!

Would like to share the recent effort we kick-started, to grow & improve the SIP process!
(SIP stands for Stacks Improvement Proposal)

  • We have been having weekly SIP calls for the past 5 weeks.

  • Last Friday’s call meeting notes linked here:
    Weekly SIP Meeting Agenda · Issue #79 · stacksgov/sips · GitHub

  • We were lucky to have @CryptoRena on as guest to talk about her draft SIP about Tarproot integration

  • Link to the video recording of the call will be posted for all community to watch

  • Previous weeks we have hosted these topics with many the smartest people in Stacks:
    Week #1. Decentralization of mining
    Week #2. SIP voting process & general SIP process
    Week #3. Stacks 2.1 upgrade + Ecosystem DAO
    Week #4. Standardization of Bitcoin derivation Path

  • SIP calls currently happen every Friday 11am EST.

  • If you wanna add this event to your calendar use this link: Events

I will be posting meeting updates every week for everyone.
More to come for the SIP process stay tuned!

Have a nice day! :high_brightness:

p.s. Bitcoin & Stacks for the win! :100:
If you are interested in any part about SIP, or wanna contribute on any level, please feel free to reach out to me! :hugs:


Thanks for compiling, added this to the SIP category :wink:

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